Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grandpa's Horses

It was a little cold in the stable and Gav wasn't quite sure about all the gear he had to wear.

Grandpa Mike has a fun new hobby: Horses. This weekend it benefitted us in that we got to see him! He drove down Friday night and spent the majority of Saturday looking at two horses, both of which he purchased. This brings the Peterson horse total to 3. This morning he went to pick up Hollywood and Cougar and we tagged along. It was Gavin's first experience with live animals (other than dogs), and at first he didn't show the slightest bit of interest. Then Hollywood started playing peek-a-boo in her stall and that got a few smiles out of Gav. When we went in the arena to watch Grandpa ride, Gavin got all stiff and started flapping his arms, which he only does when he is excited. He kept craning his head around and flopping over backwards to see Grandpa and his horses. He even got to sit on Hollywood with Grandapa. Hopefully soon we can make it to Boise to actually ride them! Thanks Grandpa for coming and seeing us (and for the great dinner!)
Gavin and Grandpa on Hollywood

Just practicing sitting on Grandpa's saddle.

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