Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference Weekend

This weekend my parents came into town. They say they came to see "us" but we know they really came to see Gavin. We decided to spend the day in Park City and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day and a happier baby. We checked out the Olympic Park, hit up the outlet malls, and some of us even did the zip line at the resort. We can't wait to go to Boise to hang out with them some more!This is what Gavin did most of the day! He loves being outside and in the sun.

Gavin at Two Months

Gavin had his two month check up a few weeks ago (I know he'll be three months old in a week and a half!) and here are his stats:
Height: 22 inches (25th percentile)
Weight: 11 lbs (26th percentile).
While we thought he was chunking up, it turns out he's kinda a little guy. The doctor said he looks perfect though, and chastised me for sleeping him on his stomach. That night we tried to sleep him on his back, and lets just say our attempts only lasted about 15 minutes. Not worth it. He loves his stomach. Often when he is fussy, if we put him on his stomach, he quiets down and turns back into our happy baby. The doctor did think that he was starting to develop an ear infection, so he put him on amoxocillin. That was not a fun 10 days. It made poor Gavy's tummy hurt, and his resulting cries, made our heads hurt. On a more positive note, he is sleeping about 6 hours the first strech, four the next and then two.
Somehow when we put him to bed at one end of the crib he ends up at the other, and usually completely turned around or sideways. This night he mananged to get his head smashed up against the bars and his arm hanging out. I love how his eyebrows are smashed down over his eyes.
He goes to bed at 8, and has on occassion only made us get up once to feed him. He has started sleeping in his crib in his own room. He is such a social little boy and loves to smile for anyone who talks in a high pitched voice. He and Taylor have this little game where they stick out thier tounges at each other. He is happiest when we wake him up at 6am to get ready for the day. We love our little guy and couldn't imagine life without him.

Some mornings when we both have to be out the door by seven, we will put him in the laundry basket in the bathroom so he can be with us. This day he actually fell asleep, which is a small miracle because he was on his back!