Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Quick DC Trip

Last week we found out that Taylor's grandpa's cancer had come back, so we figured we'd come out and spend some quality time with him. The doctors let him come home from the hospital, and to tell you the truth he is as spunky and fiery as ever! 

One fun thing is we have been sitting around listening to Grandpa Hal's stories. He has some amazing stories and I have been enthralled by all his war stories and stories about my mother in law growing up. We also discovered that Shannon, one of my good friends and old roommates, dad and my mother in law grew up together. Grandpa Hal and Grandma Julie were best friends with Shannon's grandparents! Such a small world!

Monday we went to downtown DC and walked around. We went to some of the Smithsonian museums and ate one of the most delicious meals at the American Indian museum. We got to see Julia Child's kitchen, the Hope Diamond, Dorthoy's ruby slippers, and the flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner. We saw lots, lots more, but by about hour 4 my pregnant hips and my feet were not agreeing with all the walking. After that we went to Chase's (Taylor's cousin) baseball game and then Grandpa took us all out to Outback. It made for a long but wonderful day. 

By far one of the best things about this trip has simply been just being with the whole McFarland family. Many nights were spent just sitting in the living room talking, playing games, looking at pictures and reminiscing! It has been a perfect few days, and we are so sad to be going home. Though it's sad to see Grandpa going through all this, we are so blessed that we had the opportunity to spend some quality time with him. We love you Grandpa! 

Another non-picture pregnancy post

I know, I hate to disappoint, but there is no picture to go with this post either! We hit 26 weeks on Sunday, and my belly is definitely showing it! Baby boy is getting so much bigger and stronger and sometimes it feels like he is pulling on my belly button! He kicks a ton at night, so we are going to have to fix this whole sleep through the day, wake up at night thing before he makes his grand entrance into this world! 

In anticipation of moving I boxed up all my non-pregnancy clothes. Silly me I tried on some of my pants before I put them away. I was able to still get most of them on, but buttoning them was a joke! I still have a pair of jean shorts I can fit into though. I envy all my friends that "never had to buy maternity pants", but baby boy is riding pretty low, so that's not an option for me. Thanks to my mom and mother in law my maternity wardrobe is ever growing, and quite stylish too! 

I can't believe that in 14 weeks we will have a little one in our family. What a blessing. We have big dreams and hopes for this little guy and can't wait to meet him. I can imagine one of his first outings will be to some major sporting event. He is going to be his father's child! 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gma, Gpa, and the Tanners

We enjoyed a great visit from my grandparents and Kelsey and Grant. Though I was sick, it was still fabulous to have them here. Gma and Gpa even took me to Red Robin (my favorite restaurant!). We spent a lot of time going around looking at antique malls trying to find my grandpa some old baseball games. Gma and Gpa were so generous in buying us groceries, and just like when I was little, they said, "Get what you want!" I was a little nervous without a budget but Taylor told me to "Just enjoy it like me!" and that was it. We went a little crazy with a roast, oreos, and other things we usually don't buy! 
I felt bad that I was so sick and honestly didn't take ONE picture of the eventful weekend, but it was so fun to have everyone visit us before our Wichita adventure was over! Thanks for coming guys! 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Company and a Cold

We are gearing up here for lots of company this Easter weekend! My grandparents are coming tomororw and Kels and Grant will arrive later that night. Still not quite sure what we are going to do here in great ole' Wichita, but I'm sure it will be nice just being together. Why does it seem that just as fun is about to ensue I get sick? I developed a rather nasty cold last night. I think I woke up 3 times to Taylor saying, "What's wrong? Are you ok?" because I was tossing and turning and couldn't breathe. Hopefully that goes away so I can play the whole weekend. As for the weather we have been enjoying 80 degrees here lately (but oh, the 30 mph wind is not my favorite) but the weekend company comes, it's supposed to rain and storm. Ugh. Taylor starts his second job tomorrow, and even though he will miss some time with our company, we are so blessed that this job came along!
Also this weekend is General Conference. I'm so excited to sit and listen and just be renewed. I love spring and I love Spring Conference because it is a complete time of rebirth and awakaning and simply being thankful.
I promise a recap of this weekend (just for you mom!) complete with pictures!