Sunday, December 12, 2010

Start Em' Early

Sitting on Daddy's lap trying desperately to get to that straw!
Our little curious man has started really being interested in what we are eating. He also thinks he has to eat when he sees us eat. It makes eating dinner together fairly difficult...but produces funny moments such as this:
One day I was holding him in one hand and holding my pop in the other hand. The next thing I knew he had his little hands around the pop and was working his little mouth up to the top of hte straw! His favorite thing to do when Taylor is drinking out of a cold Coke can is to put his lips on the can and just lick it. He literally screams when we take it away!

Another thing Gavin loves is standing. Anytime he is laying down he will lift his head and his legs up. This is his cue to us that he wants to stand up. He grabs our fingers and pulls himself into a sitting, then a full standing position. He is always so proud of himself and gives us big smiles when he does it. He also loves to stand on the floor and hold onto the couch...with his mouth of course! Don't worry, I am holding him in these pictures.
Lately Gavin has been waking up at 5:30am. We will hear him on the monitor just babbling away to himself (he has really found his voice this past week!). We will go in there and if he is on his belly he will instantly roll over and smile at us. Most of the time we find him already on his back gnawing at the bars of his crib. It's hard to get mad at him for waking up at 5:30 when this is the face we get to see.

Gavin Meets Santa Claus

Silly Santa has his eyes closed!

In Sugarhouse there is this cute little shack where kids can get their picture taken with Santa. One Saturday night we were headed up to a game Taylor had to be at so we stopped by. I was a little nervous about how Gavin would handle Santa. He will honestly go to anybody and doesn't cry when he is held by strangers, but I was still worried. In typical Gavin fashion, he wouldn't really give us a smile, rather he was so interested in everything going on. He have us his "big eyes" which means he is really trying to figure out what is going on. Despite our dancing behind the camera and doing all the things that usually get him to smile, this is as good as it got. Gavin didn't have a problem keeping his eyes open...but Santa on the other hand was a different story! I was just thankful that Gavin's first meeting with Santa didn't end in tears!
This is the typical Gavin "I'm not sure what my parents are doing to me" face

This weekend we met up with a few of our friends and went on the Polar Express Train Ride. It is put on by this family in my class. Their extended family owns this land where you ride a 1/8 scale train. You can check it out at In the middle of the train ride you hop off at the North Pole to meet Santa. Again, Gavin wasn't quite sure what to do, but he didn't scream. After the train ride we ate out with our friends. They have babies as well, all at different ages, so it was fun to watch what each was doing and the stages that Gavin will be at before we know it. It was fun to go with them and then hang out for a little while.
Seriously Santa...keep your eyes open!

Presents From GGma and GGpa

Great Grandma and Grandpa Logsdon love to send Gavin things. He has received lots of Eureka College gear and Cubs gear. He has even started a baseball collection from all the ones they have sent from their travels.

Dear Great Grandma and Grandpa Logsdon,
Thank you for all of the gifts you have sent me. I am sad that I only got to see you for a day when you came to help mommy when she was sick. Will you come and visit me again soon! You don't even have to bring me anything, I just want to see you. I love you! Maybe I will come to Eureka college when I get older.
Love Your First Born (and far) Great Grandchild,