Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quite an Eventful Day

Yesterday was quite the eventful day for us! Ok, well the day was pretty mundane, but the evening sure got exciting! We knew the weather was brewing up something horrible all day, so I hurried home from work. I had to stop at Sam's Club and was there for about five minutes before the tornado sirens started going off. Not being in this situation before I looked around. Nobody else was panicking, so I finished my shopping and headed home. I called Taylor and told him he had better come home from Barnes and Noble. I get home and put stuff away, call my freind Angela and ask if we can crash her basement (cause all we have is a tub, and that didn't seem all that safe). She of course agreed, and I told her we'd be over as soon as Taylor got home. My silly husband, so calm and collected all the time, I called him again and he still hadn't left. So here is me, slightly freaking out, getting food together, filling the bathtub with water (just in case), and putting on some comfortable clothes (that I could still wear for days if I needed too), and here is my husband sitting at Barnes and Noble, even though the tornado sirens had been going off for 10 minutes. I told him that he'd BETTER come home, in my nicest voice of course. We then headed to Angelas, hung out with her two engergetic and fun boys, and watched the sky change from light to purple, to yellow to gray, and then back to the brightest sky I'd ever seen! The tornado did touch down here in Wichita, but luckily it avoided us! It's still fun to say we had to take shelter and that we were kinda "in a tornado". I mean what would a year in Kansas be without a tornado?
On another note, my best friend had her baby! Best part it was two weeks early! We can't wait to meet miss Lily Jane. Taylor and I had a long talk with Gavin about how we'd be alright if he decided to make his appearance a week or two early. Just in case he wanted to know.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day...Better Early than late!

Being my first mothers day, yes people, being pregnant counts, my sweet husband came home from work on Saturday with a dozen gorgeous pink roses and a bag. After admiring how beautiful the roses were I opened my present to find....MACE!!! Since we had a few scares this fall with me walking to my car alone, Taylor has been concerned about my safety. I thought it was so thoughtful of him to get me something to protect myself.

After he rested from work for a littel bit we set out to find this gourmet hot dog place. I know...gourmet? Hot dogs were an early pregnancy craving, and it was Tay's idea that for date night we find this little gem called "Let's be Frank". After finding it, and deciding it was in the "sketchy" part of town, we changed our plans and headed to Old Chicago. It was delicious! After that we went to the shoe store to buy these new little beauties....Tay was so nice he even let me get another pair! After that we went home, relaxed, and I felt like the luckiest, most spoiled lady in the world. How'd I get so lucky?