Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The most emotional people I have ever met... and not in a good way.

First graders may be some of the most emotional people I have ever met, and not in a good way. Daily, I have at least a handful in tears. "She touched me" "He laughed at me" "He stepped on my fingers!". It never ends. It doesn't help that I have one that doesn't care about anything I say and will frequently tell me, "I don't care what you say". I have a handful that stomp around, pull their hair over their eyes when they are mad at me and glare at me. I have a few that if I ask them to sit in thier chair the right way, will fall over into a sobbing melting mess on the floor. It's daily walking on eggshells. I'm tired, sick, and need a break. Thankgoodness we only have 4 more days of school before Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Photo Catch Up

As promised, here are a few photos of the last little bit of our lives. One rainy weekend we decided to go to the Kansas State Fair, about an hour away. We enjoyed walking around and seeing the exhibits, eating the yummy fair food, and going to the petting zoo. Though we were quite disturbed that they were selling hamburgers in the same place they had the cow exhibit. We did not consume any that day!

My mom came for a visit. She, a newly empty nester, couldn't stand the though of all her children being so far away, so she said she had to come to "stock our pantry". She also treated us to Sushi, a movie, and almost bought a nice "pleather" (plastic and leather) jacket for herself at Target.

Tay and Me at Sushi

Mom loves the popped collar...seriously.

That weekend we also created a Facebook Monster: MOM. She is now on the good ole' FB. I never thought I'd live to see the day. She's pretty cool now. Watch out.

We have also enjoyed our Saturday date night tradition and have found some great places to eat here in Wichita. This is Taylor showing off our "Boba" at one of our favorite little Tai/Asian fusion places. It's a smoothie/shake with these gelatinous little black balls at the bottom. It's supposedly all the rage in Asia. I had to try it (What was I thinking...I'm the one who can't handle weird food textures), took two sips and was done. It tasted nasty and then I got a boba, and I was done. Needless to say, it was a waste. But worth the adventure!

Lastly, I have to rave about my husband for a minute. He is so sweet to always come to my school. He usually brings me lunch once a week, and comes when we have special events like popcorn parties and our Fall Party. This little boy loves "Mr. McFarland" and is always quick to latch on to him and not let go. The kids love him, but I love him more!

Life in Wichita is good thus far, though we don't want to be here our whole lives. We are excited for what the future has in store for us. Hopefully in the next few months we will be making some life decisions that will map out the next couple of years. We can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas and being with family.