Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Storm's a Brewing

There's a storm coming. Want to know how I know? No, I didn't go to meterology school. No I didn't even watch the news....I have 22 personal barometers (a.k.a First graders) , and with the crazy/insane way they've been acting I know a STORM is coming. Heaven help us these next two days!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Bump

I figured it's time to do a pregnancy update, though I'm not sure that many people, other than my family and in-laws actually care. Taylor and I went to the Doctor yesterday, after waiting what seemed like forever since our last appointment!
The doctor weighed me and I have only gained a pound since my last appointment, a small miracle after surviving Christmas and New Years (plus, I feel like I'm constantly eating!) The doctor also said I'm measuring small, and once we can actually get a decent belly picture I'll post one. I've felt silly posting one, because it kind of just looks like I ate a really big meal, not a baby bump.
The first nurse (the same one as last time) couldn't find the baby's heartbeat at first. She had the doplar clear up by my chest, I swear! Then she brought in another nurse an she found the heartbeat within a few seconds. I had been having some wierd pains in my chest so I was estactic to actually hear the baby's heartbeat. It was beating at 158 beats per minute, and according to an old wives tale, anything above 140 promises a girl....we will see.
We go back February 15 to see what "flavor" our little "dino" is. I'm so excited. So place your bets now!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Small Miracle

It's a small miracle, but I am actually sitting at my desk while my first graders are working. This is the first time all year I have actually been able to sit for 5+ minutes at a time. First graders maybe growing on me...but I won't hold my breath!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Catch Up

Spending Christmas with my family was wonderful! Despite having to wait five days after I got done with work to fly out, and having the flu on Christmas day, it was great to be home and just be with family. It was also the first Christmas that the boys in the family out-numbered the girls!
We got there Wednesday late morning (after a VERY early morning in Wichita!) and announced to our family that we were having a baby. My dad loves his crocs and has even been known to wear them to church, so we bought a baby pair and wrapped them up. Of course there were many tears (the women in my family are all criers!) and lots of hugs. We were excited that they were excited for us. We were also relieved because we had waited more than a month and a half to tell them!
Christmas Eve consisted of the traditional Bateman/Peterson get together, complete with a few new husbands this year. We ate soup in breadbowls, and chatted and Taylor had the honor of reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas". Although he was nervous (who wouldn't be in a crowd that size) he did a great job!
The rest of vacation consisted of skiing (not for me!), making chocolate covered pretezels, taking two naps a day (that was me!), going to hockey and basketball games, playing board games and Apples to Apples, and just relaxing. It was very hard to come back to the real world.
It has been hard because a) I was dreading coming back to work, having to deal with some "problems", but they suprised me and Monday and Tuesday were awesome days! Today is already in a downhill slide, but we will see if we can fix that before lunch! It doesn't help that they haven't gone out for recess in a few weeks because of this ridiculous cold weather! And b) I had to take Taylor to the airport very early on Tuesday morning. He is in Utah visiting his brothers and family. He doesn't start school until the 19th, so he gets to have a little extra vacation. I must say, it has been very hard on me. Sometimes I wonder how I lived alone for all those years! I can't wait till he comes home!
Other than that I am just trying to survive the freezing cold here in KS, and not get frostbite! Oh, and I already decided that since Tay is gone, I'm going to treat myself (and my silly cravings) to a few of my favorite things this week!