Saturday, June 26, 2010

We're BACK!!!

It's hard to believe that we have been here in Utah for two weeks! We are loving being so close to family, and speding time with friends. We are still unpacking boxes daily, and poor Taylor has to deal with all my school stuff shoved in the dining room. The highlights for Taylor include getting HD TV and a DVR and the internet. We have also planted a little garden in our backyard. (That's a learning experience). We love our little town home and living in such a charming town. Everything we need is right around the corner, but we still have the old school main street just blocks away.

A HUGE shout-out to our dads and my brother who flew to Kansas to help Taylor make the big move. I, being eight months pregnant, figured it probably wasn't a good idea to sit in a car for two days and got to fly! I even got to board with the group that "needs a little extra time." My dad also helped me set up EVERYTHING in Gavin's room. I guess I figured that if I got everything ready he would come...but it's looking like he just migh wait these last five weeks before we get to know him. Another shout-out to my mom who helped me separate and wash all of Gavin's clothes. By the end of it we were literally sickened by how many outfits this little guy has, and sad that he won't be able to wear them all before he grows out of them. Taylor reassures me that we are having more boys and they can just wear them.

I hopefully get the keys to my classroom this week. It will be a relief to get it all set up, and I can't wait to have my mom and brother come down and help me. It's crazy to think that this is my FIFTH year teaching! I can't be that old right? I am so excited to be working where I am working and teaching third grade. Despite the fact I am supposed to have 30 kids in my class, it can't really be any worse than last year.

This Sunday is our one-year anniversary and we are completely flabergasted that it has been a year. That year FLEW by! We were talking about our anniversary as we drove past Bed Bath and Beyond. The night we registered there was possibly the worst night of Taylor's life. He said, "That was honestly the hardest thing about this past year." I said, "Well if that was the hardest thing, then we have been very blessed." Isn't he cute. We have done a lot over this past year, gone alot of places, seen a lot of new things. We loved our "alone" time in Kansas, and now are so excited to be surrounded by family and friends. We are also excited that Gavin will be born surrounded by so much love. Now if only we could make the next five weeks go by a little faster!