Thursday, January 13, 2011

A California Christmas

We spent 11 glorious days in California over Christmas break! We flew there BRIGHT and early on Monday morning so we could spend as much time with the McFarlands as we could. Gavin did great on the plane ride and enjoyed pressing his nose up to the cold window and watching the clouds go by. We arrived to rain, rain, and more rain, but we decided it was much better than the snow!

We loved spending time with family, and enjoyed the days where we simply lounged around the house and did next to nothing. Grandma and Grandpa McFarland endlessly spoiled Gman and he loved every minute of it. Sadly I don't have many pictures of Christmas morning...except for this sweet one of Gavin with Uncle Jon. I guess Christmas in California calls for the sweet 80's tank tops on Christmas morning. I guess we will have to find Gavin one for next time!

After Christmas we decided to go to Monterey Bay and Carmel for a night. We found a SWEET deal online, packed up the Suburban and headed down for an adventure. When we first got there we headed down to the pier and walked around. We tasted some delicious clam chowder. Even though it was Gavin's first time at the beach, it was a little too cold this day to actually put his feet in the sand. We ate dinner, after much debate, at what turned out to be a delicious mexican restaurant. That night Gavin didn't sleep too well in the pack-and-play and ended up in the HUGE bed with Mom and Dad, which he loved.
Don't worry, he's not really a scrooge. He loves the holiday season.

The next day we woke up early and drove around. We went on the famous 17 Mile Drive and saw the very famous (at least at the Peterson house) Pebble Beach Golf Course. It was so gorgeous and I had to remind myself that it was December. Gavin loved looking at the waves crashing and would do his famous "arms straight out and stiff legs". He wasn't too sure about the wind on his face, but loved riding on Uncle Matt's shoulders. We ended the day in Capitola and Carmel and ate divine pizza at Pizza My Heart.
We were supposed to leave on Wednesday, but because of crazy snow in Utah we got to stay an extra day. We loved every minute of being in California and can't wait to go back. Thanks McFarlands for having us...last I heard they still hadn't put the pack-and-play away.

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