Thursday, February 3, 2011

Double The Fun

Today was a bitter cold morning. After a very long night for Gavin, two hours of which consisted of screaming, our little family of 3 woke up before any of us really wanted to. Today was the day. I had staved off Gavin all night, per doctors orders, and I tried to eat my breakfast in the kitchen away from my starving boys. I needed my energy for what laid ahead for the day. We bundled everyone up in coats, mittens and even took our University of Kanas blanket with us as we embarked to the hospital.
Crazy, brave, insane: these were all names that my co-workers called me when I told them that both Gavin and Taylor were having surgery on the same day. Lucky for me, my mom flew into town to help out. We got to the hospital around 6: 25 and checked Gavin in. Taylor and Gavin passed the time watching the fish in the fish tank and watching all the other patients in the waiting room. I couldn't help but wonder what surgery everyone was having done. Of course none of them had their plates fuller than me, or at least I told myself that.
They called Gavin back to pre-op and he instantly charmed every nurse there. He, despite nearly starving, was jumping all over the hospital bed and gnawing on everything he could get his hands on. When the anesthesiologist came in to talk to us he listened to Gavin's heart and lungs. Almost as if he was saying, "Ok, I trust you." he grabbed the doctors hand and just stared at him with his beautifully giant eyes. My favorite part of the whole pre-op hoopla was the little hospital gown they gave him to wear. I am a sucker for a little diaper bum and I loved looking at his poking out between the gown flaps. And then as quick as can be they wrapped him up in a warm blanket and took him from me. I lost it. I thought I was going to be strong, but as I watched them walk out with my baby, I couldn't take it. I knew that it would be alright, and that he would only be gone for less than an hour, but that didn't make it hurt any less. Luckily, I still had least for a little while.
We waited for Gavin to come out of the operating room and when they brought him to me he was groggy, and fussy, but he reached out for me. He couldn't decide if he wanted to sleep or eat and continued to cry. Then the saint-of-a-nurse brought in a warm blanket, wrapped us both in it, and it instantly calmed us both down. Grandma Beth showed up shortly afterwards and Gavin fell asleep in her arms as she rocked him.
I had to relinquish my little groggy baby to my mother, because I had another patient to attend to. Taylor was now in pre-op getting the whole hoopla, this time for himself. Doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists came in and talked to us. Then, we waited, and waited and waited. I passed the time walking the 50 or so steps between pre-op and recovery checking on my two patients. A little while later they took Tay in to the operating room. While we waited my mom and I chatted, got a little breakfast, and rocked and played with a now very happy and very alert little boy.

Taylor came out of surgery and I didn't get to see him right away. The nurse said he kept asking, "Where is Lindsay?" When I finally got to see him he squeezed my hand so tight I had to literally pry his fingers off mine due to lack of circulation. I stood by his bedside. he continually asked, "Lindsay, where are you." I was also entertained by his numerous food requests that included pizza, Rodizios, and chips. He was quite mad when the nurse told him his snack choices: pudding, crackers and oreos. As his grogginess faded, his desire to get out of that hospital grew exponentially. He had practically called every family member in his phone, a sort of "medically induced" drunk dial if you will. He said lots of funny things, and lots of sweet things too. After his head had cleared we packed up the little family once more and came home. I'm now playing nurse to my two boys. One is worse off than the other, but still both are doing great. One is sleeping and one is playing X-Box...I know they are going to be just fine.

I'm hoping that this long day in the hospital means a happier and healthier family. I know lots of prayers went to heaven in our behalf and I appreciate them more than anyone will ever know. I especially appreciate the prayers in my behalf, because without them I don't think I could have made it through this day. It was a long day, but a day our family will look back on as one of those times that brought us closer.

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